Mybase Desktop Edition(10-System)

Freeform tree outline full text searchable database




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Description of Mybase Desktop Edition(10-System):

Mybase is a unique freeform outline database software that can store any kind of information you want to organize, such as rich text, web pages, image files, and even binary files. The files are compressed with an integrated zip utility and stored in a tree-structured and full-text searchable database. Mybase document contains an outline (tree-structured), you can add items to outline and arrange them in any way you like. Each outline item can contain RTF text information and/or attachments and/or item links optionally. This structure is so flexible that you can easily store almost any kind of your information in a single database. For example, Mybase can be used as: a personal knowledgebase, a diary keeper, a note-taker, an address book, an URL organizer, a clip book, an offline browser, a photo album, an icon organizer, a CD cataloguer, a file organizer, a RTF editor, a zip utility, and much much more. All these are nicely fit into one tiny program that will make your life a lot easier.

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