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Convenient freehand drawing with powerful tools and precision alarm, in color.




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Palm OS

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Description of Maxilaris Note:

Maxilaris Note is a convenient drawing utility equipped with precision alarm, running on the PalmOS (R) platform. With it, you can capture your handwriting notes quickly and unobstrusively, without the needs to resort to slow Graffiti(R) strokes. You can draw freehand or use the tools to create images on larger screen estate and store them in notes. Freehand pen comes with various sizes. Additionally, drawing tools are used to draw lines, rectangles, ovals, and circles. Pre-defined stamps make your task easier and result in more powerful notes. You can create notes such as a scribble of a phone number or a number, a map showing directions to a place, or text lines for you to keep as your notes, etc. All of these are only limited by your imagination and power usage of Note.The second main feature is that each note can have its own alarm. To remind you of tasks, each note can be set with an alarm at which time the alarm trigger will show the note image. It's just like your own, completely customized and enriched alarm screens, filled with your meaningful text or drawing, in your favorite color (if so equipped) or grayscales, and the whole note's content is up to your imagination.Version 1.1:-Add Beam capability, interchangeable between color and monochrome-Add Copy Note-Add Select All-Add text information on alarm trigger screen for repeating alarms-Add reminding alarm sound while alarm is not dismissed

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