indexsoft intuitive mailer

Is a powerful mail list manager. It will meet most of your needs for handling any size mailing list.


1.9, July 8 2003


$39.95 (USD)


Platform independent

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Description of indexsoft intuitive mailer:

Is a powerful mail list manager. It will meet most of your needs for handling any size mailing list. indexsoft intuitive mailer supports unlimited mail lists, unlimited numbers of users, HTML messages, unlimited numbers of attachments, pending message dispatches, background message delivery, automatic user-side subscription and unsubscription and much more...

; Unlimited mailing lists ; Unlimited subscribers ; Add of the subscribers by the list or individually ; Automated checks e-mails syntax and duplicate emails ; Manual adding and deleting of the subscribers ; Temporary disabling of the subscribers ; Additional information about subscribers ; Customized export of subscribers list or search results ; HTML messages are supported ; Direct unsubscribe link ; Messages preview for accuracy ; Attachment support ; Unlimited quantity of files for attaching ; Personal lists of files for each mailing list ; The shared directory with files for all mailing lists ; Unlimited templates of the messages for each mailing list ; Adjusted headers of the messages (mailheaders) ; Building encoding converter ; Usage of specials templates in a body or subject of the message ; Each message departs to the subscriber individually (your message will not be considered as spam) ; No limit on size of message ; Advanced search of the subscribers ; Send messages to the subscribers from any mailing list or from several ; Send messages to the selected subscribers or individually ; Send messages to the subscribers retrieved as a result of search; ; Send messages to the subscribers retrieved from external database or file (you do not need to refuse software or script you are using to collect users emails); ; Pending dispatches of the messages (you can congratulate happy New Year in July) ; Dispatch from the command line and cron job ; Background messages delivery (no time out problems, tested with more then 200000 emails) ; Use SMTP server or external program (for example linux sendmail) to send emails ; POP before SMTP authentification with SMTP servers is supported (you can use any even free SMTP servers) ; Automatic subscription and unsubscription of email addresses ; Automatically send confirmation messages ; HTML confirmation messages ; Attachment support for confirmation messages ; Confirmation messages preview for accuracy ; All messages fully-customized ; The simple procedure of installation, configuration and handle through Web (no more headache with text configurations files) ; Works on *nix and Windows *

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