A contact person and organization information manager which can be used by multi-users in a convenient and secure way.




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Description of EzPAB:

EzPAB is a full-featured, multi-user contact manager application which can record individual and organizational information.The two types of contacts have their different sets of fields that will help you manage them more efficiently.Every user has it's separate and information secure data files.Each piece of contact information belongs to some group and stores plenty of information, such as names, phone numbers, e-mails, addresses, birthdays, jobs and family details. You can also include a photo or a picture, just like we often do with a photo album. You can view the contact's information through two kinds of different ways. For the detail information, please use a contact properties dialog, while for the direct review, view them in the contacts list.A powerful search feature will help you filter the desired contacts more efficiently. You can use the navigating bar to navigate among the contacts in the lists by the name of contact. Also you can use quick searching bar to search the contact matched the information specified in the selected column vlaue.EzPAB lets you preview and print the telephone lists, business cards and envelopes.You can import and export data either in the native formats or in the commonly used file formats (including CSV files,Windows Address Book files,even Eudora Contact files).EzPAB allows you to interface with the email program and Web browser in your system.Another useful function is that EzPAB can show you some useful miscellaneous information like contry code, time zone etc..

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