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Description of Ejobs Reporter:

Strategic Relationship Applications introduces EJobs Reporter. EJR solves the problem of staying on top of job searches using the Web. There are many Job sites. So many so that it is difficult to sort through the opportunities that are appealing and likely to end in employment and those that won't. EJobs Reporter not only stores all the critical data needed to successfully pursue a job, but it also organizes this important information according to the job seekers preferences. Who knows better about a match between the interests and skills of the job seeker and the position than the seeker themselves. Doesn't it make good sense to sort the saved job listings by the seekers interest in the opportunities? We think so. However, no one wants to be a data entry operator. Ejobs Reporter simplifies the data capture process through a straight forward cut, paste, and pointing approach used in every major word processor. It makes all the difference in the capture of dozens of job listings off of the web. Then the information can be sorted and made part of daily reports which provide all the information needed to make the right contacts and present the best case for employment.

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