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Easy3DESCrypt - Most Easy and Secure Encryption SoftwareThis programm ensures the privacy of your mail with a minimum effort.InstallationNo installation needed ! The executable files can be executed in any location.UsageThe usage is as easy as follows: Type> ./e3des myfile.txt to encrypt or> ./d3des myfile.txt to decrypt. Optionally the password can by given as one or more additional command line parameters. Short DescriptionIn both cases the user is asked to insert the password (invisible on the screen) which is case sensitive and may be almost any abitrary stringincluding spaces. The password can alternatively be given as second, third, fourth, ... command line parameter. The 168 bit key used for the 3DES-encryptionist derived from the password using the SHA-1 secure hash.The file is encrypted using the strong cryptography standard 3DES in CBC-Mode using a time dependant uniquely chosen initial vector IV. Thecontent of the file ist encrypted together with a secure hash (SHA-1), therefore detection of possible changes of the cipher is ensured.The uniquely chosen IV ensures, that all ciphers (even of identical files) will differ in almot every second bit. No infomation about the plaintext file other than filename, creatation time (older than the encrpted file) and the file length (¡À4 bytes), can be derived from the encrypted file. This command line utility may easly be combined with other utilities like tar and gzip and customized with shell or perl scripts. The encrpted files maybe send using any email software or any other protocol like FTP, together with the executable file d3des (not more than 32k unpacked). Download executable files:Easy3DESCrypt.tar.gzOther platformsAt present the programm is available for Linux (Intel), exclusively. But, the software will be available for Windows and probably many other platforms(Macintosh, Palm OS, ...) together with the complete source code soon.PaymentAfter a free trial period of 30 days you asked to pay 15 Euro for registration.Author:Franz Scheereremail: mailto:franz.scheeer@wiesbaden.netsurf.de

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