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Description of Digt Personalization Kit:

Digt Personalization Kit is a COM based IIS User Authentication system. This product provides the high performance user authentication, password protection and member system for ISP/WPP, website owners, web developers and server administrators. It allows you to create and manipulate website users, their attributes from Active Server pages. Personalization Kit can be essential tool when doing real time access to restricted areas within a web site, one-to-one marketing or for remote administration.PK is designed to provide a fast, efficient means for password protecting all types of web content independent of NT users. PK supports protecting any type of file including but not limited to image files, zip files, text files, static pages (HTML), dynamic content (ASP pages), any databases and mask. You can protect specific files, entire directories or even set a directory to protect all files and subdirectories within it.Personalization kit is a strong user authentication tools that learns to ensure the person typing your password is really you. Using the Personalization Kit, you use HTTP-standard Basic Authentication, Digest Authentication and Cookie Authentication and still keep your NT/2000 Users and Passwords separate and private. The best authentication choice depends on your specific needs.Users and groups stored in any database backend through ODBC, DSN, OLEDB etc. You can add your own custom user data to the database. As soon as you add new fields it will be available to get one-to-one marketing and high end user management. Digt Personalization Kit enables to emulate visitor session. Using this opportunities you can target your merchandise and promotions for maximum impact, tailor your Web page to appeal to the specific consumer who is visiting, and conduct effective, tightly focused marketing campaigns.Personalization Kit is very easy to use and requires little scripting and web development experience. We also have developed Administrative Tool for Windows NT/2000 administrators. With our Administrative Tool, it is extremely easy to protect your servers remotely. All you need is a Windows system running Internet Information Server (this web server software comes free with the Server editions of Windows).Benefits to your businessPersonalization Kit can provide your business with powerful competitive advantages. When you secure your Web site, you can increase business by reassuring the 85 percent of Web users with concerns about Internet security. By implementing Personalization Kit on your site, you can:- Increase traffic by simplifying the sign-in and registration process.- Improve competitiveness learning valuable information about your customers.- Improve customer retention by delivering personalized content.- Increase your sales by simplifying the purchase process.Personalization Kit is a proven solution, working today on Web sites developed us worldwide. Join them today, and expand your market by securing your website.

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