Blue Organ

Blue Organ - a calculator, a calendar, an eMail check, a TODO-list and a clock.




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Description of Blue Organ:

BlueOrgan is a program which includes some small and useful tools in one program as there are: ; Calendar
Using the calendar you are able to switch between the different months and years. Therefor you always have the actual date in view and areable to determine which day a date falls on.

; Clock
Always know how late it is. Additionally you are able to set up to up to 20 alarms, which then alert you with an acoustic signal.

; Calculator
Apart from adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing the calculator includes many other functions to such as factorial, square root, power of two, the power function and so on.
Apart from that the calculator offers a Store/Recall mechanism for up to10 variables, which can be accessed with a single keypress.
Additionally the program already includes some important constants from mathand physics.

; TODO list
Enter your tasks to do and assign them a specific priority. The entriesmay then be sorted by the assigned priority.

; eMail check
This tool notifies you whenever there are new emails on your email accounts.
By previewing those emails you are able to see wether your new emailsare just spam or other not that important emails.

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