Assistant is designed to help one work well and rest well. It has 4 main functions:1. Rest Schedule2. Important Task3. Post It4. Flash Idea




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Description of Assistant:

1.Rest Schedule: Designed for you to Rest Well! You can set your rest schedule, and never forget rest again! Customize rest schedule. Close your screen or activate your screen saver if it's time to rest. Rest level support, satisfy your need. "Highest" level will force to rest if time arrive; "Lowest" level alows you to work even rest time arrive.2.Important Task: Tell Assistant your task arrangement, Assistant will remind you when time arrive.3.Post It: A board just like a "Post-it", you can post any information on it.4.Flash Idea: A Flash Idea may be a Greate Idea, don't let it go, just write it here, may be some times later you will find its value!

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