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Every keystroke and click you make is registered by Windows!The most widely used web browsers, such as Internet Explorer?, Netscape?, or Mozilla? store all activities of your Internet surfing, including images you have viewed, URLs you have typed, web pages you have visited, and information you are interested in.; You surfed, created and deleted multiple files on your computer - are you absolutely sure these data traces and deleted files are gone? The answer is NO! Any deleted files or data, or any information you would like to conceal, can easily be recovered.; While working on a PC, you leave thousands of bytes behind that track all your actions (recorded in various system files) that you do not even know about.Acronis Privacy Expert 2003 thoroughly checks Windows? system areas for evidence of user activities and completely removes and wipes these areas to assure your privacy. Unlike it's competitors, Acronis Privacy Expert 2003 is equally effective in keeping Internet data and system tracks clean and secure.

Acronis Privacy Expert 2003 is the only product of it's kind to completely wipe out and annihilate all data without possibility to recover through the use of 7 powerful data destruction algorithms.

Acronis Privacy Expert 2003 also increases PC performance by cleaning out temporary files.

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