Keep your data safe and private - with StrongDisk. StrongDisk is the best security for your data, creates and handles virtual encryptes drives.




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Description of StrongDisk:

Using strong transparent encryption StrongDisk ensures protection of your data on your PC or notebook computer, and on removable media such as diskettes, CD-ROM, Zip, Jaz, SyQuest and so on. Even on local or global networks on the Internet or Intranet. StrongDisk is an easy to use and reliable tool to secure your sensitive data.

Secure Technology
StrongDisk creates and handles virtual encrypted disks with FAT16/32 or NTFS file systems. These disks are visible as regular disks such as disk A:, C:, D: etc. The access to encrypted disk is protected by password.

Virtual encrypted disk
The data on the encrypted disk is stored in the encrypted disk image file which corresponds to a common file. Encrypted disk image file can have any name and extension, for example - image.gif. So, it is very difficult to intruder to locate the existence of the encrypted disk image file.

Encryption algorithms
StrongDisk provides the strongest encryption algorithms available: triple DES 112, CAST 128, SAFER 64, Blowfish 128 for data encryption and MD5 and SHA hash algorithms for password security which increases the strength of encryption.

Transparent encryption
StrongDisk provides transparent, on-the-fly, encryption, i.e. data from the encrypted disk is encrypted and decrypted at the moment they are written or read from the disk.

Full integration with Windows 95/98/NT
While mounted encrypted disks does not differ from real physical drives, for example: logical disks, CD-ROM drives or Iomega Zip drives. You can work with them in the same way: create directories and files, install programs, check with ScanDisk, optimize by defragmentation utility, format it and so on. Encrypted disk will also be available in a DOS box launched by Windows. As any physical drive or disk, encrypted disk can be shared for joint usage in a local network.

Secure Portability
Since the encrypted disk image corresponds to a common file you can: Send sensitive data via e-mail inside the encrypted disk image file using the StrongDisk format. ; Transfer encrypted disk image on removable media such as diskettes, CD-ROM, Zip, Jaz, SyQuest and so on. ; Install your e-mail client on the encrypted disk, so your mail will be automatically encrypted. Have no doubts about data security or privacy when you use an encrypted disk.
Freeware read-only version
StrongDisk has a freeware read-only version. You can download it and use without any charge.

StrongDisk features
Freeware read-only version ; Strong encryption algorithms-key length: 3DES-112, CAST-128, Blowfish-128, SAFER-64 ; Strong encryption hash algorithms for user password security: MD5, SHA1 ; Maximum disk size: under Win NT - 512Gb, under Win 95/98 - 4Gb ; Ability to enlarge disk size while increasing amount of data on it (floating-size disk) ; Unlimited number of mounted encrypted disks at one time ; Automatically mounts encrypted disks on system start up ; Automatically launching applications from the encrypted disks on system start up ; Automatic unmount encrypted disks on system shut down ; Automatic unmount encrypted disks if there is no user activity ; Open source encryption library.
System Requirements
PC with CPU i486 or better; ; Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4 with Service Pack 3 or higher; ; 16 Mb RAM;

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