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This version is for Mac, Linux and other operating systems that have Acrobat Reader and Zip software such as StuffIt Expander installed.

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Click on the link and save the file to disk.

Click on your downloaded file and your Zip software will ask where you want to put the unzipped files. Browse to your desired location. The unzipped files include your contracts, your e-book and a read me first.txt which you should read first.

You can then delete the downloaded zip file.
This package includes a small works building contract, a large works building contract and the ebook Builder Secrets Exposed. It is unique and you won't find anything like it anywhere else on the Internet. Over 70 pages of tools and information designed solely to make sure you get your building work done  ;
To the correct specifications ;
Up to a reasonable standard ;
Within an agreed time scale ;
As cost effectively as possible
Our contracts aren't just 1 page basic contracts. Although they are written in plain English, they give detailed terms deigned to meet as many eventualities as possible. These terms leave your builder in no doubt as to his responsibilities regards quality and time. 

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