Realty Server for Linux

Server-side CGI application for realty sites.




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Description of Realty Server for Linux:

Realty Server is a CGI application that helps you to manage your online realty listings. It is complete system and contains all needed functionality for administrator, realtors and site visitors.

All the administration is done through friendly web interface. See homepge for screenshots.

Realty Server has 3 access levels: administrator, agents and visitors (admin and agent access is protected with passwords).

Site visitors will :Select listing to search; Search listing based on their criteria; See detailed description of any item; See agents' personal info

Along with this realtors can:Add any number of items to database; Add any number of images for every item; Edit existing records; Delete existing records; Place personal information online

In addition to agents' rights administrator can:Create/delete listings; Add/delete fields to existing listings; Modify settings for every listing (for example select searchable fields); Add/delete agents; Change agents passwords; Create skins to adjust site design; Modify global settings

Realty Server supports produces pages in English, German, French and Russian.

Realty Server is easy to install. In most cases it is enough to put it in your cgi-bin directory.

Realty Server has unlimited evaluation period.

Technical documentation is included in distribution.

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