Network Inventory System (75 Clients)

N.I.S. is a TCP/IP-Based Network Inventory System. With N.I.S. you can collect nearly all Informations about your Workstations on a central Server and




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Description of Network Inventory System (75 Clients):

With N.I.S. theres a powerful Networkinventory- and Management-Software available for all Windows 32 Bit Platforms (Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP).With this Software you can collect nearly all relevant Informations about you Network Clients on a central Point on your Network.

Using the Databaseviewer (included in the Package) you can check the Informations and create Reports. With N.I.S. you can check your Softwarelicenses, you can check, on what machines what Software is running, you can search for Machines with special Properties, and much more.

You are supported by the availability of at present over 20 reports. Further ones of report as well as inquiries and statistic evaluations already are in planning.

Some of the special advantages from N.I.S. are:
- simple installation (and/or distribution) in your Network
- high transmission speed by the data communication by TCP/IP
- extreme extensive information collection
- high compatibility (all 32-Bit-Windows-Systeme supported)
- compact Package (software server, Softwareclient, Datenbankviewer, system update as well as the written additions such as manual and FAQ 10 Mbyte are contained a comprehensive Downloadfile)

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