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System-, network-, printer- and software-information are scanned automatically by ?CW-Inventory¡± and can be evaluated according to on the basis of arb




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Description of CW-Inventory - Hard u. Software Inventarisierung:

CW inventory:Free of installation data entry by auditing software.; Data migration in the main program; PC system: CPU, RAM, BIOS, OS, VGA, NIC, USER, Domain....; NT ¨C Net: Uses / shares; NT account: local user, Net user, groups....; PC environments ; Printer: port, drivers, location, release; Drivers: HDD, CDROM, Disk size, VOL; VOLType....; Installed programs with lizenz administration and free program grouping; Useable file with all information of version, company and so one; Software use information: PC or user registry of the respective software use; PC information like PC serial number, date of purchase, date of amortization...Highlights of program surface:WYSIWYG export: HTML, XLS; WYSIWYG print: free configurable printer modulo; Direct filter: every data base can be individual filtered; Direct search: every data base can be individual searched; Direct group: simply data grouping by drag & drop; Direct sort: every data base can be individual sortedClient Server data base interbase 6 opensource
Integrated data base back ¨Cup and restored function
Integration to the CW-Helpdesk
Available system software: WIN 95 / 98 / ME / NT / W2K / XP
Minimization software requirements: for the auditing
CW inventory: minimum of 64 Mbytes RAM, Pentium processor, 5 Mbytes free memory

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