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8 to 20 licenses of CD Archive.



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Description of CD Archive - 8 to 20 licenses:

8 to 20 Licenses:
You will get one serial number for each license you bought. You may also resell one or more of these licenses, but the price must be under $10 (or ? 10) each. Furthermore, you have to contact me before reselling any licenses!

CD Archive - CD version, over 9 pieces:
You will get the amount of CDs you ordered any may resell them, e.g. if you are a dealer or may use them yourself or in your company. Please note that only CD Archive itself may be used for commercial purposes. If you also want to use the other programs and graphics on the CD for commercial purposes, then please contact me. A description of the CD can be found here.

Description of CD Archive:
CD Archive is a CD indexer. It helps you to sort your CDs, DVDs or other media and the files on them. You can find any program or file you are looking for in seconds instead of having to insert every single CD you have in the drive and search manually. Just let CD Archive read the content of each of your CDs once, and you won't have any problems to find your data any more.

Furthermore, the program can export the archive as HTML files, e.g. for making a MP3 playlist or to generate a CD Menu.

Moreover, it can also calculate the size of directories. Thus, you know WHY your hard disk is full and where all the files blocking the disks are: The program displays the direcories containing the files needing the most space.

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