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EXPERIENCE A NEW LEVEL OF STOCK MARKET ANALYSIS AND EDUCATION WELCOME TO THE NEW MILLENIUM... Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Nasdaq Level II screens and theMarket Maker Movements that lead to potentially large changes in a stock pricefrom day to day? Have you ever traded live and wanted to gain further insight into what went wrong (or even what went right!) in a particular trading day? Now that power is available to you through this incredible service. You can analyze market data over and over again to identify every nuance of market action in a particular stock. Trying to study Level II, but you have to work during the day? Now study at yourown pace when you are ready to learn! Analyze move by move the validity of trading strategies that are presented to you. Never feel rushed, or as if you have to drop everything else in your life to see if trading is something you wish to be involved in.Level II screens moving too fast for you? Slow them down or PAUSE them alltogether so that you can catch every move and better learn the "game" and study the strategies of the individual Market Makers. Double-Click on a Market Maker and reveal the complete information on that Market Maker -- including full name and other information. In order to become a professional day trader, one must treat the process like they would any other profession. There is a steep learning curve. It is amazing how so many individuals -- even highly successful doctors, lawyers, business-people, and the like believe they can become professional traders without "putting in the time", yet they spent the better part of their lives in school, not to mention the additional years of experience they have acquired in order to master their professions. To be a professional day trader, one must study how the markets work -- whatthe driving forces are. Trading the markets is, in fact, like a highly sophisticated poker game. You must determine who the players are that are truly in control -- reveal the pros from the "pikers". You are playing against "la cr¨¨me de la cr¨¨me" -- "the best of the best". Do you want to jump head-first into a pit of wolves, or would you like to spend at least several months studying the Market Makers, their movements, their tricks, and their nuances? Once you begin to identify patterns of Market Maker behavior, you must apply that knowledge and develop it into a trading plan. Like any profession, learning the "basics" is just about putting in the time to learn how it all works. Applying that knowledge is an entirely different story. Like any business, as people we easily succomb to making emotional decisionsand revoke all discipline that we have worked so hard to acquire. Day trading issupposed to be such an exciting and engaging career -- right?! So what's all thisabout discipline? If you want a thrill, go to an amusement park -- it will be a lotmore fun and much less painful financially. When it comes right down to it,whatever your business or career, the true meaning of a "professional" is someonewho makes fewer mistakes than anyone else, because that person has the disciplineto avoid many of the emotional temptations that come along. It is easy to lose allsense of rationality and jump into situations that are way too risky. A trueprofessional has the knowledge and experience to avoid these seemingly "greatopportunities" and acknowledge the great risks involved. The Historical Montage Simulator will assist you in analyzing different Market Maker scenarios over and over again in order to develop a trading plan at your own pace. You will also see how various stocks trade, so you can ascertain the worst-case loss you may face if the stock catches you off guard and quickly moves against you. For example, expect it to be MUCH harder to close a position that is moving quickly against you in a high-flying Internet stock or new IPO (Initial Public Offering) than in an established and highly liquid stock like DELL or MSFT (Microsoft). If you try and trade 1000 shares in an Internet stock like EBAY or YHOO (Yahoo), although you can potentially make $1000s within minutes, you could ALSO potentially LOSE $1000s within minutes if the stock quickly turns against you. That is not to say you cannot lose that much in a stock like DELL or MSFT -- but it is extremely unlikely to lose more money than expected because these stocks are MUCH more likely to have another trader willing to take the position off your hands. If you consider trading these stocks, you must factor that risk in, perhaps by trading no more than 100 shares. With the Historical Montage Simulator, you can also confirm the validity of your trading plan over multiple stocks, so that you can determine the averagerisk-to-reward ratio of your plan. When trading, you want to find opportunities that can provide you with a suitable risk-to-reward ratio. For example, you will quickly go bankrupt if you risk $250 per trade to make an average of $100 per trade. Remember, the goal is not only to develop and confirm a trading plan, but to have the conviction to trade that plan and stick to it. The more prepared you are, the greater chance you have of sticking to your discipline without panicking -- especially when things don't go as planned! Anyone can trade a stock when it moves swiftly and steadily higher or lower. But can you stick through the "bumpy" consolidations? You will be able to experience all these scenarios over and over again with the Historical Montage Simulator, and although it can NEVER substitute for the emotions you will feel once your real capital is on the line, it can provide you a powerful edge that you would not otherwise have on your side. The latest version of the client software is always available from the main website at: For support and assistance, you may send questions by email to: The registration fee described below is quoted per month of service. If you would like to pre-pay 3 months of service in advance, you would select a quantity of 3 registrations on the order form, which is equivalent to 3 months of Historical Montage service.Although they should match, if your payment email or name is different from that used when you originally signed up for a Historical Montage Account, be sure to send us an email with your LogonID to minimize the chance of a delay in providing you with service.

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