WebAccount stores your Internet Account details. When you need to access them, you do so with a couple of clicks of your mouse. Bank accounts, Store c




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WebAccount. Internet Account Management

With WebAccount you store your Internet Account details. When you need to access them, you do so with a couple of clicks with your mouse. Bank accounts, Store cards, Credit cards, Email accounts all require a combination of different information in order to access them. WebAccount takes care of everything.
  WebAccount holds all the access codes to your Internet Accounts, fully encrypted and securely. We all have lots of login information for different internet accounts. They may be to your bank account, credit card, email account etc. Managing that information so that we can easily get at it whilst keeping it secure is a problem. WebAccount uses Encryption technologies which meet US Government criteria and provide peace of mind that your information can not be accessed.

In order to use WebAccount two passwords must be entered. These are the only two things you will need to remember, yet without these no-one can access your information.

With one click WebAccount will take you straight to the web site for a given account. All of the values which you need to access the account are close to hand and copied to the clipboard with one click for pasting to the browser.

Sometimes Anti-Virus Software needs to be disabled before accessing some sites. This can be identified for each account and you are warned accordingly when using WebAccount to visit a site.

Secure websites are supported. Secure websites need to be accessed using https://instead of http://. You can set each account so that when your browseris launched it automatically accesses the site correctly.

All account information is free from prying eyes. You can set each account to be masked. Each value appears "masked", ie each character is replaced with an asterisk (*). This is purely visible, the value when copied is copied unmasked.

; Store unlimited accounts ; US Government approved AES 128-bit encryption technology. ; Two passwords required to access WebAccount ; Configurable Prompts to support unique Account information ; Values are copied to the clipboard using a click of the mouse to speed account information entry ; All details are stored on your computer and not on-line for added security ; Values can be masked from view to stop prying eyes from seeing them ; Identify whether you access the site securely (https) or normally ; Details stored for each account Website ; Login or Username ; Password ; Account number ; Isthe site Anti-Virus software friendly? ; Upto nine different prompts and values unique to that account ; Mask the displayed values ; Secure site or normal ; Any internet connection suitable ; Very, very easy to use

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