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Description of SAFE eKey Machine (Secure Assets For Everyone):

Now you can easily make an encrypted database of all of your important information with the SAFE eKey Machine software. Carry all of your information with you, wherever you go, and know that it is safe and secure if ever lost or stolen.
Never worry about your passwords again!
  Use SAFE eKeys to: create an encrypted list of all of your passwords and login names. safely carry your credit card information when traveling
(in the event you have to report them stolen). always have all of your emergency phone numbers on hand and easily accessible. have a ready reference list of your prescriptions, insurance information, doctor's info, etc. carry any sensitive or important information that you choose. The SAFE eKey Machine is now the easiest way to create, store, and transport important information in a secure environment. Make data encrypted electronic "eKeys" that you can unlock and read whenever or wherever you want. These eKeys are small, secure, easily carried and accessible (only by you) on any windows computer, anywhere. Now you can carry all of your important information with you in a SAFE eKey on a ThumbDrive/USB digital hard drive, Compact Flash card, eFilm, Multimedia card, Sandisk, or other form of removable storage device. And, you can rest assured that your information is safe and secure.  
Just how secure is the SAFE eKey Machine's encryption system? -- Click Here -- to find out.

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