Quasar Accounting Base

Quasar Accounting is a powerful and affordable business accounting package for Linux and Windows.




$29 (USD)



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Description of Quasar Accounting Base:

Quasar Accounting base package is an easy to use, fully functionalbusiness accounting application. Quasar comes complete with a userdefinable chart-of-accounts, purchasing and receiving, vendorinvoicing, customer quotes, customer sales, accounts payable andaccounts receivable. Whether you are paying multiple bills, preparinga customer quote or completing a bank reconciliation, you will be verypleased with how easy Quasar is to use and how easy errors can becorrected. Quasar comes complete with a full on-line help and acomplete electronic manual in PDF format. Quasar was designed with agraphical user interface. Movement from screen to screen is fast andpainless. The information you need to run your business is availableat your finger tips with the click of a mouse.

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