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OfficeFinancials is an integrated administrative system, that can double entry, report and post purchase-, sale- and finance transactions. Data is automatic transferred between the modules, which saves time and eliminates the risk of forgetting transactions. OfficeFinancials is developed in close collaboration between professional accountants and developers.OfficeFinancials is outstanding in many ways:USER-FRIENDLY - OfficeFinancials offers an efficient and user-friendly method of working with data that gives access to information exactly when it is needed. All forms and windows are designed in the same logical way, which makes it easy to learn. En all parts of the program help is offered right on the screen or by pressing the command F1. FLEXIBILITY - The program is tightly integrated with MS Office package and information can easily be moved to Word, Excel, FrontPage, Outlook etc. In the debitor module it is possible for example to plan a meeting with a customer using Outlook and you can use Word as a report generator that OfficeFinancials can use to make professional invoices.UNLIMITED - The program can handle a unlimited number of account books, companies, account years, accounts, debitors, creditors, inventory items, tax rates, sales prices, purchase prices, users, etc. The database is only limited by the hard disc. SCALEABLE - The program can easily scale from standalone over small networks to enterprise networks with MS SQL Server. OfficeFinancials can be configured individually so that every user have their own password, works in their own language, sees their favorite color on screen, has permission to certain modules or not.INTERNATIONAL - OfficeFinancials is a true double entry accounting program that simultaneously can handle multiple currencies and speak multiple languages. (English, Spanish, German, Danish, French, Portuguese) The Chart of Accounts can be configured according to local rules and it is possible to use multiple tax rates in all parts of the program. Homepage:

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