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[ Please also see product 100736 "MinuteMan" which has additional functionality.]This program focuses on providing the basic functions needed to effectively manage projects. With MX-Pert, in a few minutes you can easily diagram the work that must take place - you identify the tasks and their interdependencies using the standard "Pert Chart" approach. In establishing these relationships, you can identify in detail the dates of tasks and milestones, and track the "critical path" to project completion. For projects with more detailed tracking requirements, MX-Pert includes the tools to; - Record useful notes on each task - Assign people and define expenditures - Print the Pert Chart and a handful of concise schedule and budget reports. MX-Pert reports can be generated in hardcopy as well as text- and graphics- file formats, compatible with standard word-processor and spreadsheet programs. This means you can easily distribute your reports, even the PERT Charts, via email to team members and other interested parties. MX-Pert supports multiple, linked subprojects. This means you can have any one project broken down into separate activities ("Engineering", "Sales") with links between critical "Program-Wide" tasks.

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