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LottoMania 2000 lottery software finds and analyzes repeated groups and sequences of numbers that appear most often. Learn how to pick numbers based o




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Description of LottoMania 2000:

Unlike most Lottery softwares which only generate random numbers,LottoMania 2000 forecast the most current drawing resultsusing Neural Networks which analyses all past drawings up to date.
The following are the main program functions:Statistics of occurrence of single numbers in any three periods at the sametime; Picking numbers on the basis of analysis of previous drawing results.; Creation of shortened and preferential systems.; Calculating the cycle of repetitions of numbers in determined time periods.; Statistics of occurrence of number groups (number [pairs, threes, fours, fives and sixes) with division to even, odd and mixednumbers.; Calculation of minimum, maximum and current periods of occurrence of selected sequence betweendrawings.; Finding number of occurrences for any sequence of numbers.; Report giving individual number repetitions in selected time period with calculation of occurrence probabilityfactor.; Statistics of occurrence of number pairs from drawing to drawing.; Distribution of quantity of number occurrences in decades from 1 - 10, 22 - 20, 21 - 30 etc.  Possibility to enter data from coupons sent and checking the coupons with any drawing dateselected.; Possibility to download all drawing results from Internet directly by means of the program.; Free of charge program up-dating with new functions to 3.xx.

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