StockChart library

The StockChart library is assigned for stock charts representation. It allows to easily add stock chart representation support in your p




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Description of StockChart library:

        The StockChart library:

allows to add the representation support of stock charts in your programm in several minutes; supports three formats of stock charts representation: candlestick, bar chart and line chart; ; allows to resize the represented chart, to change the size of the window; ; provides autoadjustments during the window size changes for more convenient viewing the visible part of the chart; allows to set colors of all represented chart elements; allows to load data for representation from text file and stream, and to save data in file or stream; requires minimum work resources, has high drawing speed; ; the StockChart library is supplied as a static-link library (LIB) and dynamic-link library (DLL); ; supports all versions of popular C++ compilers for Windows; ; developed on the base of ANSI C++ standard and Windows API, without use of third-party libraries; LIB/DLL version is supplied with free open-source wrappers for all popular GUI libraries such as MFC, ATL, WTL; supports all versions of OS Windows; ; the StockChart library is supplied with full source code for the registered users; the StockChart library is free for noncommercial using; all versions and updates is free for registered users; ; technical support during the product lifetime. StockChart library Related Software:

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