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An ActiveX DLL that calculates option price, risk sensitivities as well as implied volatility and implied strike on stocks, bonds, commodities, equiti




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Description of FinOptions Dev:

FinOptions Dev is an ActiveX DLL that enables developers to incorporate derivative analysis into custom third-party applications. Typical applications would be custom trading systems, a back office portfolio analyzer, and FASB compliance analysis.

FinOptions Dev provides a complete collection of financial functions for analyzing derivatives on various types of securities and assets. Each function calculates theoretical value, sensitivities, implied volatility and implied strike.

FinOptions Dev has a straightforward object model. All of the functions easy integrate into any new or existing third-party application. Every functions can adjust for dividends and yield rates, which allows the user to price options on: bonds, commodities, equities, foreign currencies and futures.

FinOptions Dev has a sample application and documentation that accompany the software to demonstrate each of the functions and give the user a starting point to being using them.

FinOptions Dev has been tested extensively enabling the user to save time and improve their calculations accuracy. It was written completely in C++, which provides lightning fast calculation.

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