FA$T CA$H-How to Get It & Use it!

Big Manual containing complete info on wide variety of topics for Getting, Saving, & Using FA$T CA$H! Shows how to get FREE or low cost travel.




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Description of FA$T CA$H-How to Get It & Use it!:

A best-selling Manual showing EVERYTHING needed to "Get & Use Cash--FAST!" Includes: How to qualify for FREE or LOW COST AIR TRAVEL to most places in the world, with addresses; how to get FREE CASH GRANTS, many non-repayable, and how to write winning application letters for them; how to get CREDITORS off your back-PERMANENTLY! (Even the dreaded IRS settles regularly for 7 cents on the dollar!) Also: Contact offshore lenders for fast loans; how to make BIG $$$ in futures trading; how to open SECRET offshore bank accounts; how to buy real estate with $0 down; how to lend $$ at big interest rates! Published by GFS International Corp., publishers since 1979 of popular "How to Make BIG Money" and "How to do it" Manuals. GUARANTEED: Use it for one year to improve your financial situation! If you haven't made or saved twice your purchase price, retrun for a refund less s,h,restocking fee. PAY THE PRICE ONCE, USE THE INFORMATION FOREVER!WANT MORE INFO ON THIS MANUAL? Visit our website: http://makemoneyinfo.tripod.com

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