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Five Star+ from TUCOWS! Bills, deposits, transfers, recurring and foreign transactions, foreign currencies, reconcile, over limit alerts, export/impor




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Description of checkMoney Plus:

Five Star+ from TUCOWS! Bills, deposits, transfers, recurring and foreign transactions, foreign currencies, reconcile, over limit alerts, export/import to/from desktop (CSV, QIF), export reports to PC, custom filter reports, and much more!

Can your handheld financial software:
-Work as a stand alone application and also work with desktop?
-Schedule recurring bills
-Export PDA reports to Excel (CSV)?
-Import transactions from Excel (CSV), Quicken or Money?
-Export transactions to Excel(CSV), Quicken or Money?
-Provide encrypted security
-Backup complete financial data from handheld?
-Provide real-time balance and scheduling?
-Is Intuitive, fast and easy?
-Provide custom reports?
-Allow splits into unlimited categories?
-Allow selection from address book?
-Allow for international date and exchange rates?
-Allow for PC like double-click feature?

checkMoney makes it easy to maintain, track and manage your financial data. checkMoney is the only tool in the market to offer a complete set of money management tools, custom reports, backup and restore, and synchronization (both ways) with CSV files as well as with your desktop financial packages such as Microsoft Money? and Intuit Quicken?.

You can use checkMoney as a standalone application or as a counterpart to your existing money management software on your desktop.

checkMoney sets itself apart from its competitors by providing a clean user friendly interface, a fast and highly secured operational environment, a set of robust custom reports, ability to schedule transactions, purge functions, and a very strong conduit to manage QIF and CSV files. checkMoney is the only product in the market to offer a complete set of backup and restore, and export/import features.

Showcase screens are available at our pdachampion site for your review


- The best conduit in the market
- Support for color handhelds and Palm OS 5
- Support for accounts of various types
- Support for international decimal and date formats
- Export to QIF and CSV format files. Customize your export filter by selecting a date range and/or by selecting the cleared status of transactions (Cleared, Uncleared or Unreconciled or All transactions).
- Import transactions from your desktop or bank into handheld. checkMoney can import both the QIF or CSV formatted transactions
- Export checkMoney reports to your desktop so that you can integrate with Excel or any third party application or simply keep them for reporting purposes
- Backup the entire checkMoney data to your desktop, anytime
- Restore transactions and accounts from your desktop
- Reconcile accounts to ensure that all transactions shown on your bank statement are properly recorded and cleared in checkMoney
- Powerful custom filter reports capabilities. You can get reports based on Payees, Categories and sub-categories, Accounts, Date range, Type of transactions, Void or cleared transactions, Scheduled transactions Or any combinations of the above filters
- Support for multiple currencies. Define your own currencies and exchange rates at the account level as well as at a specific transaction level
- "Double click" feature - just like in PC, you can double click on the account or a transaction record to open it.
- Support for three operations : withdrawal/bill, deposit and transfer
- Support for transactions of various types - ATM, Card, Cash, EFT and Check
- Built-in checkMoney calculator
- Select payees and payers from your address book or define new ones
- Strong encryption and security to safeguard your valuable data
- Scheduled and memorized transactions
- Built-in list of categories and sub-categories
- Add/modify your own categories and sub-categories
- Supports unlimited accounts and transactions
- Delete, purge and rollup transactions capabilities
- Adjust account's balance
- Over-limit and account minimum alerts
- Allows split transactions into unlimited number of categories
- Real-time account's balance at the time of creating a transaction
- Display transactions in seven different ways

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