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Description of Boss Everyware (Single user license):

Boss Everyware is a shareware program which lets you know when and how a PC was used. It reports the following info: - URLs and page titles of all visited web pages - Titles of all windows which were active - Names of the programs which were launched - Name of the user who worked on the PC. - Complete timing for each user/PC interaction (when and how long a window/program/URL was on the top, i.e. in interaction with user) Created by Alexander Jmerikjmerik@compuserve.comBoss Everyware was designed to be used by: - Employers to observe and record how their employees really use the company PCs. - Parents to control what their children do with the family PC, i.e., which games they play instead of doing their homework and/or which web sites they were visiting. - System Administrators to trace user actions which may of led to system failures. - All PC users who want to have a lazy way of tracking their usage. Created by Alexander

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