Atropos-SB / 2 channels

16-channels voice recorder, phone logger, voice notebook




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Description of Atropos-SB / 2 channels:

"Atropos-SB" is a 16-channels system for recording and archiving speech information from the telephone, voice modem, microphone, radio stations or other sound sources, using standard sound card. You can use "Atropos-SB" as phone logger, automatic dictaphone or voice notebook. The information on the recorded talks is kept in the database. Viewing the database and talks playing are possible without interrupting the information recording. The database does not occupy much room: owing to the Voice Activated System (VAS) recording starts only with a signal while the algorithms sound compression, essentially reduce the necessary disk space dimension.The program works in the background mode and nearly does not load the processor (it's used less than 10% AMD K6 300 MHz power). So, your computer can be properly used without hindrances.For 4 and more channels mode it is necessary to install 2 and more sound card in your computer.

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