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Description of Advice Calculator:

Advice Calculator is collection of useful financial calculators and toolscombined in one program aimed towards the average home user. The calculatorsare designed to help you make financial decisions and at the same time areeasy to use so that you don't need extensive knowledge of either finance orcomputers. AdviceCalculator includes the following: - Interest calculations:Include simple and compounding interest calculation, bank and mathematicaldiscount, interest rate conversions, interest rate break-event analysis andmore. - Loan amortization calculator: Quickly creates amortizationschedules, give possibility to analyze effects of additional payments towardprincipal. Support Normal, Canadian and Fixed principal loads. - Rent vs.Buy calculator: This calculator will help you to discover what may be bestoption for you, to paying rent or to purchase your property. - Affordableprice calculator: Considering your annual income, moneys available fordownpayment, taxes, insurance and maintenance, this calculator will tell youwhich is affordable price for property you want to buy.

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