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Description of XPanel Pro:

Welcome to the XPanel Web Management Hosting Software. XPanel is the ultimate community building program. Allowing you to give your visitors a free web site on your server. With complete control over every aspect of your free web site program, you can grow page views, revenue and brand awareness for your site.

Who can use it
XPanel is currently in use by many free web host providers (allow users to create websites on their servers in exchange for advertising space on the users html pages). Many of these free host providers also see upgrades where users can pay a monthly fee to remove the advertising on their pages, add more space to their account, and add other options to their accounts. XPanel is also being used by school, colleges and universities to provide web space to their students and faculty.

How it works
XPanel run on Linux and is written completely in Perl and uses MySQL as a database back end. For a complete list of features contained within XPanel please see ourfeatures page.

A full working demo is available for you to test out XPanel. Access to the administrative portion is also possible. Please see thedemo page for more details.

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