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Web Speed Analyzer helps you design more efficient web pages by previewing your web page at the speed of real world dial-up connections. You can avoid




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Description of Web Speed Analyzer:

Web Speed Analyzer will show you how your web site will look when the Internet is under heavy load. Web Speed Analyzer shows you if your pages load in an unexpected order and can identify poorly optimized graphics and HTML. Web Speed Analyzer lets you adjust the speed of the simulated Internet connection to view the effect of different Internet loads.

Armed with this information you can ask your web site designers to improve and optimize your site so that it will look its best under all Internet conditions.

Web Speed Analyzer can emulate an HTTP server right on your desktop PC. Without uploading to your web server you can vary Internet load conditions with a few simple commands. Web Speed Analyzer can also work with dynamic web sites (e.g. PHP, ASP).

; See how your web site will look on slow links ; Make sure text and graphics are loading as you expect ; Quality check the designs of your authoring company ; Simulate speeds from 1200 bps crawl to LAN speed ; View statistics with size and download times ; Statistics groups by domain, file type etc. ; Identify areas of your site that could be speeded up

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