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Link store and management system (PHP+MySQL)




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Description of Web Links Portal:

1. User's page for browsing through categories, subcategories and links.Hits are counted on every link. User can add links and reviews which can be seen ifthey are approved by admin.2. Search engine for searching in meta fields(defined by admin): search all categories, current category only,search in search results; search results can be sorted by some parameters (namely by admin rating, users rating, hits, name, address, date).All was created as template-based pages for easy integration into any design.3. Administrator's page for:- category/subcategory/related category adding, deleting, moving and changing;- link adding, deleting, changing, disabling and moving to another category;- link validation (sitewide or in current category/subcategory only, optionof checking of non-approved new links only);- approving/deleting of new links and reviews;- mailing to users which submitted links(option send to all in current category)MySQL database was used for this purpose. Tables used: links, categories, related_cat.The number of subcategories is not limited.

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