Venyl Audio Grabber

Use Venyl Audio Grabber to rejuvenate your old analogue recordings before transferring them to CD




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Description of Venyl Audio Grabber:

Venyl Audio Grabber is designed to the meet the needs of both the home music lover as well as the professional archivist. Its overriding purpose is to maintain the maximum possible fidelity to the original recording. By means of powerful interpolation and concealment algorithms, Venyl Audio Grabber generates click corrections which blend harmoniously with the underlying waveform.. Because of its high accuracy, many thousands of large and small amplitude clicks can be concealed without processing artefacts becoming intrusive to the listener. Unlike competitor products, Venyl Audio Grabber permits individual click corrections to be modified or removed and new corrections can be manually inserted. These features give the user much greater control over the correction process and allow for great flexibility when restoring 'difficult' material.

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