Treasure Chest

An easy way to catalog all your possessions.




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Description of Treasure Chest:

If you want to keep a record of all your possessions, but don't need all the features of CastleKeep, Treasure Chest should fill the bill. Catalog your possessions (with photo) in a file that is compatible with the CastleKeep program. Numerous predefined screen views and reports. You can print the information on an individual item, a list of all the items in a selected location or selected category (with total cost/value) plus an insurance summary which will show you the total value of all your listed possessions by category. You can also export data in a dbase format (for use in a spreadsheet or word processor). Other program features include: password protection, user defined picklist for common data entries, on-line context-sensitive help, an easy-to-use install/uninstall procedure and sample files. The registered version includes a built-in data backup/restore option, the ability to change your password information and user information and access to the Report Wizard for creating custom reports. Available in both 16 bit (Windows 3.1) and 32 bit (Windows 95 or newer) versions. (16 bit from the Scotware website.)

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