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SqlForms + - Rapidly Applications Development (RAD) system, visually manipulating coherent relational data (ODBC), not requiring, basically, from the developer of deep knowledge in programming, and in most cases allowing to the developer to do without programming at all. The system ideally approaches both for fast prototyping of the applications, and for construction of the complex applications working with relational databases , using the graphic user interface . Opportunities of the program Access to the relational data through ODBC interface Use of various elements of display of the information, stored in a database, (text, reach text, number, date, combo, radio button, check buttons, icons) Coherent queries (queries, which execution depends on variable environment and from positioning in a set of this or that table) Navigation in a set by means of a window of viewing (browse) Opportunity of preservation of a necessary part of record in the temporary buffer and restoration it from this buffer - for fast making of record on a pattern. Search in a set Additional buttons placed at the request of the developer: on the basic panel ,created by the developer shutters, on the chosen table's panel ; which function can be call additional program with parameters of positioning on each table, call of function from given DLL and call of the certain function (exchange of the data between fields) Logic (not pixels) accommodation of elements of management on the screen. QBE Query By Example) - opportunity of updating the query by input in necessary fields additional limiting criteria. Cross platform opportunity (Windows,Linux ...)

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