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SQL Console (SQLC) is an interactive SQL console that connects toany database using an ODBC connection. The console can show atree view of the ta




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Description of SQL Console:

SQLC is an application for console level interaction with an ODBC compliant data source such as a relational or object relational database.
? SQLC provides the end user with a fully integrated set of development tools for data manipulation and data definition. Complete with a metadata view of the underlying data structure, the end user is presented with a total overview of the data environment.
? SQLC includes a Query Designer that allows for the visual modeling of SQL queries. As easy as dragging and dropping tables and joins the most complex of queries can be developed in mere minutes. Full support for correlated subqueries, totally configurable SQL functions and target mapped function drag and drop operations.
? And of course an intelligent SQL query editor. Connection Manager
SQLC maintains an interactive list of all open database connections and the metadata associated with each connection in a dockable window called the Connection Manager. The information presented in the Connection Manager is central to all other operations within SQLC. Listed below are just a few notable features:
? Tables and views with constraints and dependencies such as primary keys, foreign keys and indexes. Column details with datatypes, default values, nullability, etc.
? Stored procedures, functions and system datatypes.
? Database listing for the host server (subject to DBMS support of a configurable SQL command). Connect to any database even without an ODBC DSN entry.
? ODBC driver information including the full range of data that can be gathered from an ODBC 3.51 compliant driver.

SQL Query Editor
No SQL console application would be complete without an SQL editor, but SQLC goes beyond the bounds of what is necessary to take you to the luxury of providing a total editing environment.
? Intelligent auto-complete feature that allows you to "auto-complete" reserved words and keywords with a simple keystroke.
? Context sensitive editing monitors editor contents and keystrokes and will display a selectable list of table columns whenever the "dot" separator character is typed after a table alias or table name.
? Fully configurable syntax hi-lighting of keywords, string literals and comments.
? Fully integrated with the Connection Manager and Function editor, the SQL editor intelligently handles drag and drop operations to prefix the correct table name or alias to columns as the text is dropped into the editor.

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