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Softsilver Transformer is a high performance tool for converting data into XML.




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Description of Softsilver Transformer:

Softsilver Transformer is a software package that converts structured textual data or database tables into XML.

Softsilver Transformer is a tool that can quickly and easily convert legacy data into XML, thereby enabling it's use with new tools and technologies without the need for expensive re-development, or replacement, of non-XML capable systems.

Softsilver Transformer can convert text files directly, and access databases or spreadsheets using the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) standard.

Text files can be any delimited or fixed column format, in ASCII or a multi-byte character set.

Most popular databases and spreadsheets support ODBC, including MS SQL Server, MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle, Sybase, DB2 and many more.

The XML file produced is encoded in UTF-8, to handle any international characters.

Transformations can be performed in 3 ways:interactively, with the simple to use ST application; via the command line using the STRun utility; by programming with the COM component STObj from another application or script

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