SIBPROvider Interbase/Firebird OLE DB/ADO Provider

SIBPROvider is an OLE DB Provider for Interbase/Firebird. It's designed for ADO/OLEDB applications like Visual Basic, Delphi, ASP, Crystal Reports.




$30 (USD)


Windows All Versions

SIBPROvider Interbase/Firebird OLE DB/ADO Provider Download

Description of SIBPROvider Interbase/Firebird OLE DB/ADO Provider:

SIBPROvider is an OLE DB provider specific for Interbase 6/7 and Firebird 1.x. It allows you to use Interbase with ASP, Visual Basic, VBA, Delphi, Crystal Reports, ColdFusion, Jscript, VBScript and anything that¡¯s works with ADO or OLE DB. SIBPROvider was 100% rewrote and redesigned for better peformance and stability and to supply more features. SIBPROvider was intensively tested and stressed to probe its stability and performance.The new improvements are:* Supports ADOX;* Speed and stability;* Connection pooling;* Schema cache;* Less memory needed and better memory manager;* Resource pooling;* Better support for Blob fields, like: distinction between sub_type_text and binary blobs;* Support for storage objects, like ISequentialStream or IStream;* Better and precise schema information, like: DBSCHEMA_PROVIDER_TYPES, DBSCHEMA_COLUMNS, DBSCHEMA_TABLES, DBSCHEMA_INDEXES, DBSCHEMA_PRIMARY_KEYS, DBSCHEMA_PROCEDURES, DBSCHEMA_PROCEDURE_PARAMETERS and more 15 schemas;* Works pretty using Delphi and Visual Basic;* Support for ColdFusion 4.x and later;* Really supports Forward Only and Static server cursors;* Works better with dates and numeric types;* New custom properties added;* Improved transaction control;* It's more simple to use;* Now it's fully supported recordset Update, Delete and Edit using ADO methods or OLE DB;The standard package includes: Documentation, Examples, DLL of SIBPROvider and batch for installation and uninstallation.The source code package includes: Full Source code of SIBPROvider and your documentation, documentation, Examples, DLL of SIBPROvider and batch for installation and uninstallation. You can use SIBPROvider only with your software and your customers cannot use it without your software.You cannot rent, to sell or to give up SIBPROvider. This rights apply for you and/or your company.There is no limitation for the number of machines that you can install SIBPROvider. You can install it in how many machines to need, since it is to be used with your software. You cannot allow others to use your copy of SIBPROvider for other purposes that are not it of using SIBPROvider together with your software.Buying this SIBPROvider copy, if you need of help to use SIBPROvider, the help it will be given to you gratuitously.YOU CAN REDISTRIBUTE this software, since it is accompanied of the distribution of your software and the copies that you or somebody in your name, come to distribute of SIBPROvider can be used only with software that you develop or that you are legal proprietor.

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