Shareware Distributors Office

The software does all steps that a Shareware developer has to take every day if he wants to sell, support or develop his product.




$59 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of Shareware Distributors Office:

Keeps track of your customers, products and orders ; Automated billing system by email, fax, mail ; Automated dunning ; The communication with customers can be made completely multi-lingual depending on the language you entered into the customer's data. Templates for German and English language are provided. ; Administration of your income and expenses
; Flexible Email-Module including auto-responder that automatically responds to received email. ; Automated import of email orders ; Automated sending of registration keys (generated by a "dll" or executable file) ; Upload of your products by Ftp with integrated version number administration ; Flexible Mailing-Module to send newsletters to customer groups
; Automated connection to the credit card registration service SHAREIT with automated import of the registration emails and the export files with your customer's data

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