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Description of RP2003:

Features of RP2003 Professional Refrigerant Piping Program Calculations for refrigerants R-22, R-134A, R407C, R-410A
Follows recognized and accepted refrigerant piping guidelines - ASHRAE, ARI
Refrigerant properties calculations agree closely to those as calculated by the
NIST and TEST refrigerant properties software 
Single screen data entry - all fittings and other line components on main screen
Allows for wide range of condensing and evaporating temperatures
Calculations for Liquid, Suction, and Discharge lines
Calculation listings for each line showing data for pipe sizes from 1/4" O/D to
6-1/8" O/D type "L" copper pipe - allowing you to select appropriate line size
in one step. No recalculations necessary to change desired pressure loss, etc.
Calculates -
Equivalent feet pf piping including pipe fittings
Pressure drop in the pipe
Velocity of the refrigerant in the pipe
Pounds of refrigerant in the line
Necessary amount of liquid sub-cooling to avoid flashing
Gross system capacity loss in BTUH and % for suction piping
Amount of oil to add to the system for longer line lengths based upon parameters
you specify
Double suction and vapor line sizes
Report editor in program
Custom report heading
Save reports to file
Export reports to MS Word, Notepad, or any other word processing program
Edit and customize reports in program
Standard Windows printer options allowing direct faxing of reports if fax
software available
Option to include double riser info on reports
Option to save and print Double Riser forms
Online help files
For Windows 95 and later versions

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