r.a.d.editor Enterprise

The high-end content editor for ASP.NET




$895 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of r.a.d.editor Enterprise:

This license grants an unlimited number of developers within your company to integrate r.a.d.editor in an unlimited number of solutions (web-sites or custom web-applications). This license also includes an OEM license which allows your company to distribute the r.a.d.editor as an integrated part of 1 (one) commercial product(e.g. CMS, newsletter system, etc.) This end-product can be sold or distributed royalty-free provided that it adds significant and primary functionality to r.a.d.editor. If you need to integrate our editor in more than one commercial product you need to purchase individual Enterprise (OEM) licenses for every single product. Best for larger organizations, which need a large pool of developers to work with the r.a.d.editor, or which want to distribute it as an integral part of their commercial products.

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