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Qabalah Trainer will drill you in Qabalistic correspondences. Some of these are as basic as the Hebrew alphabet, and may be useful to new Hebrew stud




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Qabalah Trainer for the Palm handheld is a fun and fast way to get your Qabalah skills sharp.  If I would've had this thirty years ago I could've convinced the government I was an extraterrestrial!

Qabalah Trainer will drill you in Qabalistic correspondences.  Some of these are as basic as the Hebrew alphabet, and may be useful to new Hebrew students.  Memorizing the whole of these correspondences may be useful to students of Qabalah or occult philosophy, such as initiates of the O.T.O. and the A.¡¤.A.¡¤..  The correspondences are from "A Few of the Principal Correspondences of the Qabalah", as published in Aleister Crowley's Book 4 (Magick), App. 5 (and also in "777& Other Qabalistic Writings").

Qabalah Trainer presents a random item of the published table of correspondences on the left half of your Palm handheld screen; and items of a different, particular column, on the right.  You must select the item on the right which corresponds to that on the left, i.e. shares the same row in the published table.  In other words, the left half of the screen effectively asks you "What corresponds with this?", while the right half of the screen is where you make a multiple-choice answer. 

You may select which columns and rows you are to be drilled in from the Menu options "Column Selection" and "Row Selection".  E.g., if you want to learn the Hebrew alphabet, you could select Column 4 (Hebrew Letters) and Column 5 (English Values of Hebrew Letters).  You can concentrate on just part of the alphabet by limiting your selection of rows. 

(Half of the rows will be disabled and a nag-window will regularly appear until you register this shareware.)

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