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Then the profit sharing often commodity is ? for Professionals the suitable solution of your problems! It opens like also your future partners - on basis of one in the off-line Business absolutely normal practice - undreamt-of perspectives to you. They have now the possibility your future partners by so-called " Werbeshares ", - similarly as a shareholder at a corporation - to that 1) developing operating cost (administration - advertisement etc..) as well as 2) also at economic successes of your portal or enterprise to take part. But instead of enterprise portions - in the form of shares - to acquire, " their " partners only the Werbeshares taken part in the profit rents. Both the value " of the Werbeshares " is specified as well as the height " " of the profit-sharing completely individually by you. The application type of the profit sharing often commodity ? for Professionals is industry independent and therefore almost for an unlimited period. It can be used both in the conventional as well as within the range e-Commerce or as portal often commodity. The administration of your partners takes place on-line ones. That means: Their partners can register themselves and have on-line ones at any time the possibility of informing about the development of the participation and thus the success of your commitment.

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