PSP_Mail Single Server

PSP_Mail simplifies sending various types of e-mail from the Oracle8i or 9i database without any external scripts or programs. Single server license a




$34.95 (USD)


Platform independent

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Description of PSP_Mail Single Server:

PSP_Mail is the Dynamic PSP add-on which can be also used standalone. PSP_Mail encapsulates SMTP interface provided in Oracle8i/9i with our DNS lookup, data encoding and OS files access functions in a single easy-to-use package that gives Oracle PL/SQL developers a simple way to send various types of e-mail from Oracle RDBMS without the need for any external programs/scripts. With PSP_Mail you can send e-mail with any number of LOB or external files attached, encode messages and headers to preserve national languages, send to multiple recipients in one call, and much more. Simply put, with PSP_Mail in place you won't need anything else for sending mail from your Oracle8i/9i databases.

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