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Description of Progressive Viewer:

Progressive Viewer provides the following features to display and manage your image files:
; The internal browser resembles Windows Explorer (rename, copy, move, delete and new-folder operations are supported). ; Automatically generated small or big thumbnails. ; Supported image formats: JPEG, GIF (static and animated), PNG, TIFF, BMP, RLE, PCX, ICO, CUR. ; The user interface never hangs up while images or thumbnails are loading. ; Images can be fitted to the view area's width, height or both. ; The view area's gamma can be adjusted dynamically to lighten or darken images. ; Images can be loaded being rotated by 90, 180 or 270 degrees or flipped horizontally or vertically. ; The bilinear interpolation can be used to stretch images to fit. ; The smoothing algorithm can be used to squeeze images to fit. ; Exif information of JPEG files can be viewed. ; Internal comments of JPEG files can be viewed. ; The slide show allows you to automatically move from image to image. ; You can assign a short description to any of your images. ; You can add any folder to the list of favorites to be immediately selected later. ; You can stop GIF-animation and manually choose any frame you want. ; Any image can be copied to the Windows Clipboard.

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