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Need more speed from your XScale? Need more time from your battery? Tweak your Pocket PC to the maximum! Unlock your XScale device with the Scale op




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Description of Pocket Hack Master:

Pocket Hack Master (New v2.39 Update!)
The Advanced Utility for Controlling your XScale CPU
Now Supports the New PXA255 XScale Processor!

Pocket Hack Master is a finalist in the Microsoft Mobile Solutions Challenge, in the category for Utilities!

Latest updates in Pocket Hack Master: Added code to fix the CPU speed changes caused by the new HP ROMs! Added support for the new PXA255 XScale Processor. Added more manual multipliers to support the faster system bus of the new CPU. New "Monitor CPU Load" option to turn off the tray menu icon animation. Added profile files for Pocket Loox, iPAQ 19xx, iPAQ 39xx, iPAQ 54xx, Toshiba e740 (including a profile that fixes the connection dropping issue), Toshiba e550, Asus A600, Dell Axim X3, Dell Axim X5. LCD Pixel Clock Frequency settings dialog. Support for exporting and importing Pocket Hack Master settings to and from profile files. Check Pocket Hack Master web site for profiles uploaded by other users if you're not sure how to configure your Pocket Hack Master for your device
Do you want to squeeze the maximum from you XScale based device? Overclock your 400 MHz Pocket PC to 500 MHz and gain additional 20% performance boost? Clock down the CPU to preserve battery power? Manually tweak the memory and LCD multipliers, run your CPU in Turbo or Run mode, set the SDRAM latency, refresh rate or refresh cycles? Get detailed information on your device, see the running processes, threads, loaded DLLs? See the system databases and your power status? Hack Master will do this for you. Hack Master will change the speed of your CPU and minimize to tray. You can easily access all the settings from the tray icon menu, or maximize the program and gain access to even more settings. Hack Master will monitor device power offs and restore the speed you chose upon next power on. Pocket Hack Master is also a powerfull Task Manager, Database Manager, System Information utility and has many other useful features like Screen Off, Device Off, Soft Reset, Hard Reset etc.

New features include:

- Added support for the new PXA255 XScale Processor. Added more manual multipliers to support the faster system bus of the new CPU.
- LCD settings dialog allowing changing of the LCD Pixel Clock Frequency
- Importing and exporting Pocket Hack Master settings from and to profile files. This option allows users of Hack Master to exchange the settings that work best on their devices
- Normalization of the "Scale" favorites, allowing very accurate "Scale"
- New code for measuirng the CPU load
- Power off the display to preserve battery power, soft ot hard reset or power off the device
- Disable the LCD screen while changing the CPU speed to prevent screen flickering
- A/C throttle option to force the highest speed when your device is on A/C power
- Pocket PC 2002 notifications option to display a bubble notification when Pocket Hack Master changes the speed of the processor
- "Scale " option (Hack Master will monitor the CPU load and automatically switch the CPU speed when more processing power is needed, giving the best performance/battery life ratio possible and unlocking the "scale" capabilities of your XScale processor)
- "Sticky CPU speed" and "Sticky MEMCLK speed" options to keep the desired CPU and memory speed even after a power off or after a change by other software
- Minimize to tray icon option, leaving Pocket Hack Master running in the background. The tray icon will change it's color according to the load of the processor and will provide a pop up menu to allow quick access to Pocket Hack Master's functionality
- Two additional undocumented by Intel multipliers alowing much more frequency combinations
- Dell Axim, View Sonic, Pocket Loox and Toshiba e550 support
- Desktop installer
- Saving the settings in the registry
- User defined favorites speed settings
- Safe-start option (Pocket Hack Master will detect a speed setting that is causing troubles and will disable it to prevent lockups after a soft reset)
- More than 50 predefined speed settings. More than 100 speed combinations when using the manual multipliers. Support for future XScale processors

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