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The Outlook Helper is a useful tool to help users to manager their email information based on the MS Outlook system.




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Introduction 1.What is the Outlook Helper?The Outlook Helper is a useful tool to help users to manager their email information based on the MS Outlook system. For some personal or business users, they like saving lots of email information in the MS Outlook or outlook Express. When the time has passed, you maybe find the outlook has saved so many messages that you don't know what you want to use them.Whether you know how many email address of your friends or your business partners in the outlook? Maybe you can spend the time to re-set these emails. But it will waste the valued time and if you are tired to manager your email information some important may be lost in the manual process.But now, The Outlook Helper can help you to finish these stupid jobs. The helper will get the email address, web address, and the telephone number; fax number and headphone number from mail details.Fox example, Three month ago, your friend invited you to join a party then she also hoped you could help her to contact a boy, so she gave you the boys email address in the email details. But now you want to find the address or telephone number.When the tool are working, the tool will not only get your friend's address from the sender, but also get the email and telephone numbers that were written in the mail details. The results will be listed in the screen and the full version will provide the advance function to save them as the text format, html format or MS excel format!All is easy after you use the wise tool, all complex information will be clear and orders!Get a free share copy form out web site: http://luckxb.3322.net/download/OutlookHelperSetup.exeEnjoy the useful fun at now!2.What are the good features about the Outlook Helper??The Outlook Helper provide three searching function A. Searching the web sit link for all email messages B. Searching the email address for all email messages including the ¡°Email Sender? ¡°CC?and the email address in the mail detailsC. Searching the Telephone, Fax and Hand phone number from the mail details. The tool will mark the different properties based on their sources.?Supporting results converting, Including Text, Excel, Html three different format?Supporting direct-link function, the user can send new email or visit the web site form the helper directly.?Use the Microsoft API technical. Not need re-set the Username and Password. All information will be transferred form the MS-Outlook directly. More safety and More Efficiency?Offline working, don't need link to the Internet. The tool use the advance Ms-Security function to ensure the private information safety saved in your personal computer!3.How to get the Outlook Helper?Please visit our web site http://luckxb.3322.net/download/OutlookHelperSetup.exeThe share version is free. You don't need offer any charge for this version.4.If users have some questions for this tool, where they can post the reference information?If you have any question for Outlook Helper, you can post the requirements through the online message broad http://amazingforums.com/forum1/LUCKXB/post.htmlFor information connact us, please see the section titled Support and Contact Information5.If users want to register the tool, how they will get the full version?The share version is free, but some advance functions have been limited.For information on how to register this program, please see the section titled How to Register this Program?.If you want to register and get the full version, please see the section titled Support and Contact Information

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