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OraTools is a simple to use program to manipulate data and database objectsof Oracle RDBMS. It is useful for developers to execute, test and debug S




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OraTools is an easy to use and versatile application to manipulate data and database objects of Oracle RDBMS. With OraTools you can execute, verify and optimize your SQL and PL/SQL statements, navigate and view properties of schema objects and debug stored procedures. OraTools with SQL and PL/SQL are powerful enough to manipulate Oracle data.
Following features summarize the capabilities of OraTools: - Consistent and friendly interface - Single database connection - Common login prompt - Utilities track each other transactions
OraTools consists of three related parts OraDesigner, OraExplorer and PL/SQL Debugger.
OraDesigner servers to execute SQL statements, anonymous PL/SQL blocks, call stored procedures and parameterized queries. It is useful for developers to build, test and optimize SQL and PL/SQL statements and for database administrators to create and modify database objects and schemas. OraDesigner enables you to manipulate SQL commands and PL/SQL blocks, and to perform many additional tasks as well. These features are specific to OraDesigner: - Syntax highlight for PL/SQL statements - Customizable history of SQL statements - Data-aware grid with filter and search options and navigation controls to simplify result set interpretation - Load/save for SQL script files - Execution plan for SELECT statements - Data editing capability
OraExplorer is an easy to use browser for schema objects and metadata information stored in the database. Names of objects are organized into a hierarchical tree view. Selecting tree branches will update information pages with the deeper details concerning associated objects.
PL/SQL Debugger
PL/SQL Debugger reveals normally hidden flow of PL/SQL statements as they are processed by Oracle server. Step-by-step execution let you stay informed on what actually takes place inside your program and in its environment. Stepping into stored procedures will immediately present you with their internals. Following familiar debugging options are available: - Step into, step over, step out - Set/remove breakpoints - Watch variables - Evaluate/modify variables - Call stack list

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