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Description of OD DataXChange Import & Export Components:

A set of components to allow the simple import and export of data using commands based on the familiar TQuery component. Orbital Decisions Database Import Component (TODDBImporter): Easily load text files in a delimited or fixed format. Component Advantages: Behaves like a TTable or TQuery; Uses standard TTable and TQuery method names; High performance: 1000+ records/sec on a PII 233 (6 Fields per record); Advanced exception handling and reporting built in; Full version contains source code including source to a specially designed object-orientated file access system which you may use in your own programs.Note: Although the DB in "TODDBImporter" implies that this component is for database use, it may also be used for easy retrieval of text records in any other format e.g. program settings or other application data.Orbital Decisions Database Export Component (TODDBExporter):Export the result of any SQL query as a delimited or fixed format text file.

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